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We're still watching the early April snow melt away, hoping that it will be gone soon enough to get the Official Weekend Pundit Lake Winnipesaukee Runabout – aka The Boat - down to the shop for the last bit of pre-launch maintenance. The Weather Guys™ have been saying we may see a repeat of last week's snow storm sometime this coming week.

Yesterday morning BeezleBub and I stopped by the marina where The Boat will reside during the boating season. It seems that we will be in a different slip this year and I stopped by to check out The Boat's new home. It turns out that the new slip is in a better location than last year's, with an easier straight in approach. Sometimes delaying a renewal works for you!


Fred Thompson writes about what he calls The Pirates of Tehran and how Iran got away with piracy on the high seas.


And Rightly So has an interesting post about the Democrat's machinations in creating a shadow government that usurps the powers of the three branches of the US Government as laid out in the US Constitution.

And the Democrats say the GOP is arrogant!


Our friends over at GraniteGrok received an Instalanch today on this post, a great look at the fallout from the Congressional Democrats vote to cut and run from Iraq. In this case Democrat Congressman Paul Hodes (NH2 – D) got a dressing down by members of military families.

I just hope the traffic didn't crash their server!


This is absolutely awesome! Bob Parks gets it so right. He's going into the blogroll.

(H/T Ace Of Spades)


Watching the 5 day weather forecast for northern New England makes me wonder about global warming. We sure as heck aren't seeing it here, with record low temperatures (colder on Easter Sunday than on Christmas Day) and the possibility of yet another Nor'easter dumping heavy snow on Thursday. The ski areas around here are seeing some of the best conditions all year, with some of them pushing back their closing dates another couple of weeks.

At this rate we won't see summer weather until some time in late August.


John Stossel continues his battle against the Fear Industrial Complex, letting us know what it is we should be worried about, the MSM not withstanding.

For the past two weeks I've written about how the media -- part of the Fear Industrial Complex -- profit by scaring us to death about things that rarely happen, like terrorism, child abductions, and shark attacks.

We do it because we get caught up in the excitement of the story. And for ratings.

Worse, because many reporters are statistically illiterate, personal-injury lawyers get us to hype risks that barely threaten people, like secondhand smoke, or getting cancer from trace amounts of chemicals. Sometimes they even con us into scaring you about risks that don't exist at all, like contracting [auto]-immune disease from breast implants.

Newsrooms are full of English majors who acknowledge that they are not good at math, but still rush to make confident pronouncements about a global-warming "crisis" and the coming of bird flu.

That's the biggest problem: reporters and editors without the requisite knowledge making judgment calls about what's dangerous and what's not. They have no way of actually figuring out whether a particular activity, medical treatment, food stuff, or other 'thing' is as much of a risk as some may be saying.


And that's the news from Lake Winnipesaukee, where winter is still hanging on, political rhetoric is heating up, and where were still trying to get our boat ready for summer.

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