Thoughts On A Sunday

It's not often I'm surprised, but I was yesterday.

I turned on the local AM talk radio station expecting to here Skip, Doug, and Pat doing Meet The New Press. However, all I heard was Pat. A quick phone call to the radio station confirmed that he was on his own and could use a little help. Ten minutes later I was in the studio.

Of course it might have helped if I was a little more up to speed on the topics for the day's broadcast. Still, I think we had a pretty good show.


The last vestiges of winter are slowly melting away as the weather has made a dramatic shift into much warmer temperatures. BeezleBub and I started work on The Boat, getting it ready for the upcoming boating season. We also made a trip down to a couple of the local marinas to get some bits and pieces we needed to continue our work. We even made time to visit the public docks with BeezleBub's R/C boats for a little fun time.

While there we made the acquaintance of two escapees from the People's Republic of Massachusetts, John and Laura. The four of us had the chance to talk about the upcoming boating season and tell stories about the dumb stuff we've seen while boating on Lake Winnipesaukee.


There is no longer any doubt in my mind that Harry Reid is the biggest defeatist scumbag in the US Senate.


Hate is such an ugly emotion.

Apparently some members of the Westboro Baptist Church decided they were going to protest at the funeral of Captain Jonathan Grassbaugh of Hampstead, NH, an Army Ranger killed by a roadside bomb in Iraq. The were going to show their hatred of America, of those who fight to protect it and our rights, including their right to spew their venomous filth.

However, their protest was met with a spontaneous counterprotest triggered by a single man with an American flag. Others from the community soon joined him, quickly outnumbering the protesters from the WBC.


Mark Steyn writes about those who will teach their children “to fear guns”, as if such fear will ever prevent violence. All it does it make them more likely to be victims of violence.


One of the big question here on Lake Winnipesaukee has been “When will Ice Out be declared?”, Ice Out being defined as when the MS Mount Washington cruise ship can make all five of its ports of call on the lake.

Ice Out is considered the unofficial beginning of the boating season on the lake and is eagerly anticipated by all of us that enjoy it. So far the consensus is that it will be declared on April 25th.


Today was also the first day we've used the Official Weekend Pundit Gas Grill. BeezleBub grilled up some very nice steaks, cooking them to perfection. Not bad for a twelve-year old!

We would have used the grill over this past winter, but we didn't get it cleaned sufficiently before winter arrived, so no winter steaks. We won't commit that error again.


And that's the news from Lake Winnipesaukee, where dreams of boating abound, yard work has begun in earnest, and where BBQ grills were running all weekend.

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