Do Democratic Legislators Think That We're Children, Or Just Stupid?

During today's Meet The New Press, I took the opportunity to call in during the 'lightning round', the chance to offer thoughts on one of the subjects discussed during the previous hour and 50 minutes. One of the topics discussed was the sleight of hand that Democrats, both here in the New Hampshire House and Senate and the US Congress, have pushed through legislation and/or spending that was never mentioned during their campaigns prior to the November elections.

I commented about how the Democrats our legislature seem to think that the rest of us living here are incapable of making our own decisions, therefore they're going to make them for us. It is apparent that they think of us as children. (I'm including everybody in the editorial “we”, Republicans, Democrats, and independents alike.)

Some Democrats in the legislature think that the recently passed civil union law was the most important issue facing the New Hampshire House and Senate. Not state spending. Not the upcoming constitutional crisis dealing with state funding of education in our state. But civil unions. What kind of horse manure is that? The discriminatory civil union law affects a small minority of the citizens in New Hampshire. Spending and education affects everyone in the state. Yet these two issues are considered far less important. Does anyone see a problem with that perception?

In regards to spending, Democrats in New Hampshire and Washington have gone a spending spree. Here in New Hampshire we're looking at a 16% budget increase. Sixteen percent! Gee, I wish I could get that kind of an increase in my pay! It looks like the Democratic led legislature and governor have decided that New Hampshire's frugal ways are destined for the trash heap. One can almost hear the broadbase tax proponents licking their chops at the prospect of taxing New Hampshire's economy into oblivion.

In our nation's capitol, the Congressional Democrats are piling on the pork, doing their best to make their Republican predecessors look like pikers in comparison.

Hold on to your wallets, folks. It's going to get scary....

...and expensive.

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