All It Takes Is One

I briefly covered this a little over a week ago – an unidentified man counter-protesting against members of the Westboro Baptist Church protesting at the funeral of Captain Jonathan Grassbaugh.

The unidentified man has since been identified.

Frank Downs, Jr. of Wilmington, Mass., a former Marine, was the man who held aloft a large American flag and stared down a trio of Kansas protesters who came to town for the April 18 funeral of Army Capt. Jonathan Grassbaugh.

"My first reason for being there is that kid in the box," Downs told the Sunday News. "My second reason is to empower these other people who should be standing there with a flag like me."

And that's exactly what he did.

His story has struck a chord with many people, many of whom left comments at the original blog post of the woman who witnessed Downs' actions outside her office.

Frank Downs, Jr. is someone we should all know.

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