Traitors Within?

It makes one wonder about whether there are those working within the Bush Administration that are, to all intents and purposes, fifth columnists for those who look upon America with disdain and, dare I say it, hatred.

I'm not talking about jihadis, harabahis, or militant Islamofascists. Instead, I'm talking about some of the elitists that harbor such ill will towards their own country that they are willing to do as much as they can to damage anyone they consider not one of us.

The timing of a leak of a White House memo that questions the efficacy of Iraqi Prime Minister Maliki could not have been a coincidence. It was leaked when it would do the most damage, causing a postponement of a summit between President George W. Bush and Prime Minister Maliki. It was something that was not in the best interests of the United States or Iraq. Yet someone working inside the White House decided that it needed to be made public, and damn the consequences. Or worse, they knew exactly what they would be which is why they leaked it in the first place.

Someone in the White House has an agenda that does not match that of the Bush Administration and appears to be willing to cause embarrassment and diplomatic problems for the US regardless of the long term consequences. And should the miscreant be identified and their actions cause the deaths of American armed forces and innocent Iraqi civilians, they will most likely plead that they were doing it for the greater good. But it won't be for the greater good of Americans or Iraqis. Rather it will be for the greater good of the America-hating elitists that infest so much of the Left.

They may see themselves as patriots, but I see them for what they are – traitors. They give aid and comfort to sworn enemies of America and everything it stands for. Those enemies want to bring down the US and Western civilization. The traitors will applaud when it happens because they believe that we deserve it even though our enemies have committed far greater atrocities in the name of a twisted and morally bankrupt ideology that excuses even the most heinous acts. Of course they will applaud only until the time that those same enemies put them up against a wall and blow their brains out for being enemies of their twisted ideology. But like most of the Left, they can't see that far ahead. All they want to see is the downfall of someone they detest.

Am I being too harsh? Probably not. Am I being partisan? Damn right. I'm against anyone that wishes harm against this country, no matter who they are.

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