John Edwards - Hypocrite

As presidential hopeful John Edwards makes the rounds in an effort to drum up support, he has yet again shot himself in the foot.

The supporter of a number of anti-WalMart watchdog groups, most of which are organs of organized labor, first tripped up when a staffer tried to conjole WalMart in to making sure that Edwards got one of the few Sony Playstation 3's.

In an effort to show his disdain of the international retailer, Edwards scheduled a book signing in a Barnes & Noble in Manchester, NH. This particular B & N is located in front of a WalMart. So how is this a mis-step by Edwards?

"Wal-Mart makes plenty of money. They need to pay their people well," Edwards said at a Pittsburgh anti-Wal-Mart rally in August.

So naturally Edwards is holding his book signing at Barnes & Noble instead of Wal-Mart. Which is too bad for his anti-low-wages campaign, because in Manchester Wal-Mart pays hourly employees more than Barnes & Noble does.

The Barnes & Noble where Edwards will hawk his book pays $7 an hour to start. The Wal-Mart that sits just yards away pays $7.50 an hour.

Oh, the humanity!

So the presidential wannabe that has it in for WalMart because he believes that it doesn't pay its employees a fair wage instead patronizes a national retailer that pays its employees less than WalMart.

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