The Iranian Nuclear 'Maskirovka'

I was listening to an NPR report on the way home when I heard Ted Koppel make one of the more profound observations in regards to Iran and its nuclear program. While I can't quote it verbatim, it did make me think, “Of course, how could I have been so blind!”

What was it that Ted said? Iran is pushing the limits on its nuclear program in order to draw attention away from its civil rights record, or in this case, the lack thereof.

Could it possibly be that simple? My gut tells me yes. The nuclear issue is just so much smoke and mirrors. It obligates the mad mullahs to do nothing. However, if the world started hammering them on their abysmal human rights record, the mullahs would have no place to hide. Their violations of basic human rights would be exposed for the world to see. They might actually have to do something about them, loosen their iron grip on the populace and cease their predations upon the dissidents.

Nope, it's easier for them to muddy up the water and move forward with their nuclear ambitions, even if they truly have no plans to develop nuclear weapons.

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