Anti-WalMart Supporter's Embarrassing Moment

The latest anti-WalMart brouhaha has certainly left one presidential hopeful with egg on his face (or at least on the face of a soon to be ex-staffer).

The ever more shrill condemnation of WalMart by organized labor fronts is getting old. I don't know about you, but the longer WalMart can keep these thugs from moving in on their business and taking money from the pockets of WalMart employees, the better I'll like it. And before you get your knickers in a twist, be mindful that I was a union member (IBEW) for almost 20 years. What I saw over that time changed my mind about organized labor, making me wonder whether it had outlived its usefulness. Seeing what the organized labor front organizations have been trying to do to WalMart has only strengthened that belief. They aren't interested in representing the workers because of the way they're allegedly being mistreated (such allegations made by the unions, not by WalMart employees), but rather because of the hundreds of million of dollars they will collect in union dues should they succeed in their efforts to unionize WalMart.

Union membership has been dropping at a precipitous rate and union leaders are looking for ways to bolster the ranks of organized labor. An influx of hundreds of millions of dollars will help them do to WalMart what they've done to GM, Ford, and Chrysler.

Let's pray that they fail.

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