Pelosi's First Loss

All in all, I'd say the GOP managed a small victory against the Speaker-Elect of the House, Nancy Pelosi.

John Murtha did not get elected as the House Majority Leader, as much as Pelosi wanted it to happen. Instead, Steny Hoyer of Maryland was elected to the post, with the Republican members of the House cheering from the sidelines.

Murtha and Hoyer fought a bitter and brutal battle for the majority-leader post. Hoyer had long been running for the job, raising money for Democratic candidates. He counted on the support of many veteran lawmakers as well as most of the incoming freshman class.

Murtha had Pelosi, and her loyal allies who applied pressure -- too much pressure, according to some -- to give her the second-in-command of her choosing. But the secret ballot vote wasn't even close: 149 to 86 in favor of Hoyer.

I believe Mrs. Pelosi has learned the first lesson of her new post: Just because you're now in a position of power doesn't mean you'll be able to bully those under you to get your way.

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