Too Civilized To Make War?

Skip at GraniteGrok has an interesting take upon the West's will to fight against Islamofascism, equating it to an episode of Star Trek: The Original Series called “A Taste Of Armageddon”.

As Skip comments:

The overall point was that if one civilizes war too much the underlying causes will go unaddressed. It becomes too easy to sweep things under the rug, keep ignoring the problems that pop up, and try to accept things as "that's the way it is". It becomes too easy to ignore reality and one will do anything to not upset the status quo. In other words, settle for stability now and worry about real peace sometime later. If ever. Maybe the problems will go away on their own.....uh-huh.

Have we become too civilized to defend ourselves, thereby dooming our civilization to oblivion? If we aren't willing to meet an enemy bent upon on destruction with the full force and fury that we are capable of, then we will not survive.

My wife Deb asked me if I thought that the fighting in the Middle East is the 'beginning of the end.' I told her that it would be if we didn't fight back. I also reminded her that should the harabahis ever use weapons of mass destruction, particularly nukes, that they may damage us, but they wouldn't win. In this case it's a matter of numbers. We have thousands of nuclear weapons and numerous ways to deliver them with pinpoint accuracy. If the Islamofascists ever made the mistake of using nukes, they will have lost the war, for we would retaliate, and the nascent Caliphate would die in nuclear fire.

Will it come to that? It could if we don't put full effort into destroying the barbarians at the gate, for that's what the Islamofascists are. Their actions and their words prove their hatred for everything that we hold dear. Things like freedom.

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