Jihad - The Fad

Deb of Insomnomaniac has a lengthy post about how jihad is being looked upon as a fad by lecturer Jessica Stern at Harvard, but she begs to differ:

"Mass appeal" she says, but she fails to ask the why behind the obvious "why." She explains that kids turn to jihadism because it has "mass appeal," but if that's true, then why aren't teenagers on the fringe here deciding they want to blow themselves up rather than settle for putting blow up their noses?

Ms. Stern forgets the difference that makes ALL the difference: CULTURE

The culture in which jihad could become a "fad" as she so ludicrously describes it, is one in which parents derive a certain kind of ecstasy at the thought of their babies dying for God.

Our culture, by contrast, is one in which a parent (Andrea Yates) who brutally hunts down and murders all five of her own children (also for God) is deemed "insane" and locked up in a nut-house for life.

For those of you in remedial humanism 101, let's review:
There: Mommas who wish their babies to die for God = sane, rational, heroes or "martyrs"
Here: Mommas who wish their babies to die for God = crazy, insane, irrational, monsters

Radical Islam, or more accurately, Islamofascism, is a death cult. It glorifies death, raising it to something to be desired more than life. Like most death cults throughout history, it is self-destructive in the end. And, like most death cults, it is totalitarian in nature. Utopia can only be reached by “burning our way to Paradise”, wiping away the old 'corrupt' society to be replaced with the some twisted version of something that is supposed to be pure. But in the end, the new way is just as bad as the old way or, in most cases, far worse. The only ones reaping the benefits of the new “Utopian” ways are the leaders in the upper echelons. Everyone below that are merely bodies to be used as the leaders see fit.

Islamofascism is a death cult writ large, willing to wish death upon their children as if it were some kind of benefit. (Maybe in some ways, death is preferable to living under the thumb of some self-proclaimed Mahdi, but that's a subject for another post.)

But as Deb says, it is culture that is the biggest difference between the West and the Islamofascist cult. We revere life. They revere death.

As General George S. Patton once said, “No bastard ever won a war by dying for their country. You win a war by making the other poor dumb bastard die for his.” Let's help grant these Islamofascists their fondest wish – let's let them die for their cause, just as long as we win the war.

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