Cut-And-Run Voices Getting Louder

More and more often I am hearing discouraging messages from the MSM and, more frequently, the average citizen when it comes to the war in Iraq. It appears that the “cut and run” crowd are gaining more of a voice. Frankly, it's the same damn thing we did in Vietnam and because of it we have the blood of millions of innocents on our hands. Of course, the cut-and-run crowd conveniently forget that part of our history. They also want us to repeat it, to bring about a possible religious war and the death of millions...again.

And somehow they'll find a way to blame it all on the US...again.

They will conveniently overlook the fact that if we had stayed the wider war probably wouldn't have happened. They will also ignore the fact that actions have consequences, even when those actions are to abandon nascent democracy to the non-tender mercies of Islamofascist pinheads and the governments that give them tacit support. They will also overlook the fact that the Islamofascist pinheads are the ones who started this war.

They want to make the same mistakes that were made before World War II, the mistakes that led Neville Chamberlain to proclaim “Peace in our time” just before the Nazi war machine made its move into Poland and plunged the world into a widespread war.

But then, the cut-and-run crowd have always been afraid of taking on difficult, lengthy tasks, even if those tasks mean their very survival.

Arnold Kling has mentioned this, pointing out that the cut-and-run folks tend to be the so-called elites. Arnold believes the elite have lost touch with the public. The American public is sick and tired of being ignored by the elite. In general, the American public knows better how to fight this protracted war against terrorism. The same is true of the public in the UK and Israel.

Regarding the "mutiny" of the British airplane passengers, no doubt the elites are thinking, "Oh, what awful behavior on the part of passengers. They are ruining our effort to reassure Muslims that they face no discrimination."

Meanwhile, the people are thinking, "Look, the fact that you subject all passengers to the same humiliating searching and restrictions says that you have no idea who is dangerous and who is not. If you are that incompetent, then don't expect us to trust you when you tell us that a plane is safe."

That has been the problem all along. We keep being told that profiling is bad, discriminatory. But if terrorists bent upon hijacking or blowing up a plane fit a certain profile, then it is in our best interests to use that profile to single them out. The Israelis have it down to a science, looking for certain signs among passengers that signals that they have more than getting from one airport to another on their minds. If most of those suspect passengers happen to be of a certain ethnic group, then it would be prudent to focus on that group. But the elite keep telling us that we shouldn't do that. Of course they don't offer a solution that works as well other than “treat everybody as a suspect.” Th eproblem with that is that it's very time consuming and, in the end, isn't nearly as good as profiling.

The public also knows that when it comes to the war against the Islamofascists, it's all or nothing. Only going halfway means that we'll have to fight them again in the future, but with higher casualties. It also means that we may have to fight them here on our soil rather than on theirs. That's never a good thing. If the Islamofascist pinheads want to die for Allah, I prefer to see them die in the Middle East rather than here.

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