Multiculturalism And Tolerance For Intolerant Ideas Must Die

Two separate posts on two different blogs provide ammunition for the idea that multiculturalism and tolerance of intolerable should die a much deserved and overdue death.

First, GraniteGrok tells us of an incident that shows that many the Mexican immigrants, legal and illegal, have no intention of assimilating into American society. Instead, the plan to tear sections of the western US away and return it to it's rightful owners. Of course those 'rightful owners' have no more claim on the territory than their ancestors.

Second, Wizbang reminds us that twenty years ago Ray Honeyford, a headmaster at a British school, warned everybody in Britain that the UK's multicultural policies were suicidal, particularly in regards to Muslim immigrants. He was castigated for his views, fired from his job, and had to have police protection for months. But history has proven he was right.

When will we wake up to the fact that multiculturalism is a false goal, one that only works to divide us? When will the idea of tolerance for other's beliefs be modified to allow for intolerance of beliefs that are hateful and, dare I say, even murderous? This touchy-feelie BS has got to stop because if it doesn't, Western civilization will die, only to be replaced by a totalitarian civilization that is totally intolerant of any ideas that do not fit in with radical teachings and that will set human rights back a thousand years.

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