Thoughts On A Sunday

Saturday was was “Clean The Boat” and “Clean and Rearrange the Office/Computer Room” day.

BeezleBub, Deb, and I rearranged the layout of the Official Weekend Pundit Home Office/Computer Room, making for a more efficient use of the space in the 10' X 10' room. We still have a little rewiring to accomplish to finish the work, but that will wait until next weekend after a visit to the local Radio Shack to pick up some parts.

BeezleBub and I also spent some time down at The Boat's Smith Cove slip, cleaning up inside the cockpit and stowing away the loose gear into the appropriate lockers in the cuddy cabin.

After dinner we planned to finish off the day with a trip on The Boat out to one of our favorite swimming spots. A nice dip after supper is a great way to wind down the day. However, tragedy prevented us from enjoying a swim.

Apparently a visitor swimming off of a cabin cruiser just off the town beach in Gilford drowned. The Marine Patrol had the area cordoned off as they searched for the hapless swimmer's body. Another swimmer apparently drowned earlier in the day on another part o fthe lake.

Not exactly a good way to end the day.


Neo-neocon's piece, titled Israel: Athens, Sparta or Masada, looks back at the peace movement in Israel that brought about the withdrawal of Israeli troops from southern Lebanon in 2000 and how some of those who were the driving force behind that withdrawal now say that they were wrong.


Raven links to and comments on a Dennis Prager column about World Opinion and how it means absolutely nothing. It would be nice if the so-called “right-thinking” people realized this and stopped bothering the rest of us about what the world thinks, particularly of the US.


The WP Family had a late breakfast at the ever more famous Paugus Diner this morning. The usual suspects were in attendance (meaning summer folk) as well as a few of the regulars.

Unfortunately that was the best part of the day for Deb as she'd been fighting off a real anvil banger of a headache for the past few days. It finally took its toll on her and she was quite out of sorts the rest of the day.


BeezleBub and I headed out on to the lake late today with a couple of co-workers of mine. Between tubing, swimming, and eating at one of the lakeside restaurants, I think we more than made up for the aborted swimming trip yesterday.


John Stossel slams the trail lawyers, showing that their claims that they “help the little guy” is a smoke screen and that their actions more often than not hurt the little guy.


And that's the news from Lake Winnipesaukee, where the summer folk are as numerous as ever, the weather has been perfect, and where Monday has returned all too soon.

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