Two Factors To Keep In Mind

What are the issues that are going to have the biggest effect on the Presidential election in November?

In my opinion it will be illegal immigration (aka the border crisis) and the lingering effects of inflation (including the bogus job numbers).

Both are attributable to direct actions taken by SloJoe Biden (on behalf of WRBA), with one, his Executive Order on his first day in office being a major first step in purposefully damaging America’s energy industry, causing energy prices to skyrocket which in turn triggered some of the highest inflation we’ve see since the 1970’s.

Another side effect was an overnight housing bubble that saw the inventory of available homes virtually disappear in a very short period of time, some of this also attributable to people fleeing the cities due to the Covid ‘panic’. This drove up the cost of housing across the board and making it unaffordable to too many in the middle class which stressed already strained budgets to a degree not seen in almost 50 years.

His other damaging action was opening the border and enabling massive illegal immigration, allowing a flood of of people into the US that otherwise wouldn’t be allowed across the border, particularly criminals, terrorists, and covert military operatives from nations inimical to the US. No vetting. No tracking of those ‘released’ from federal custody.

Then when the number of detainees reached a critical level the border states could no longer house, some of those states’ governors decided to share the burden with so-called “sanctuary” cities and states, shipping the unexpected ‘guests’ to those sanctuaries to allow them to share the experience of being invaded by people who have no business being there. Now those “sanctuaries” are complaining to the federal government that they can’t handle the burden and need help...which the feds aren’t providing. It is the Biden Administration’s laissez faire attitude about this problem that has everyone getting pissed off at the government.

It seems the Democrats have no problems with these issues, doing their best to make them disappear from the public’s notice. Too bad that they’re failing. Even lifelong Democrats are realizing the *Resident is making things worse because they are no longer listening to what the Biden Administration is telling them because they are choosing to believe their “lying eyes” and empty wallets. No amount of propaganda can make those in-your-face problems go away, particularly when those problems are affecting them directly and aren’t just something people read about in the newspapers and blogs or see on the TV.

What makes me feel trepidation is that I think we haven’t seen the worst of it yet. If it does get worse we’ll see the propaganda get worse and even less believable than it already is.