From The Comments - Gun Violence

Seen in the comments from this post over at Instapundit:

I hate the term 'gun violence' when what they really mean is 'gun crime'.

Violent crime is an increasing problem, particularly in the Blue enclaves. A lot of that increase in violent crime can be laid at the feet of the political leaders since so many of them have done what they can to give violent criminals free reign to victimize the people in those enclaves.

It isn't 'gun' violence. It's violence. It isn't 'knife' violence. It's violence. It isn't 'blunt object' violence. It's violence.

And now the folks in Washington want to spread that particular plague nationwide and make sure only violent criminals will have guns and the law abiding citizens will be defenseless. Every gun crime is used as an excuse to disarm the people even though any measures to 'reduce gun violence' will have the opposite effect...exactly as intended.

When it comes to gun crime, it is almost always known criminals committing them. In places like Chicago, it is mostly gang violence with members of one gang shooting members of another gang. That there is collateral damage, meaning innocent bystanders being wounded or killed, doesn’t matter to these miscreants. That none of the weapons used are legally obtained – bought on the black market and not at a gun store or gun show – doesn’t mean anything to anti-gunners.

Of the mass shootings committed over the past decade or so, how many were by “known wolves”, meaning law enforcement officials were aware of the eventual perpetrator’s proclivities and mental state, knew of threats made directly or on social media? Most of them.

The problem is violence. The problem is mental illness. Both are being ignored and the focus is being placed in the wrong area. That solves nothing.