Thoughts On A Sunday

We had our first substantial snowfall overnight which started yesterday late yesterday morning. While not nearly as substantial as our first ‘substantial’ snowfall last December (39 inches here at The Gulch), we still had 7 inches which did require a little digging out here and plowing of the roads. (The running joke up here is than anything less than 6 inches isn’t worth plowing and is more of a nuisance amount.)

There may be another bit of snow later in the week prior to Christmas, so it is likely we’ll have a White Christmas up here in New Hampshire this year.


Now to one of the important questions that many have asked but have not yet had answered, that being “What the heck is that little pocket on my Levis for? Nothing fits in there!”

This is something I have known since I was a kid, but it seems that knowledge hasn’t been passed on from generation to generation. So allow me to enlighten you – It’s for...


Just what kind of business is CNN running that seems to attract sexual perverts?

I remember when it was a serious news operation, groundbreaking and revered. Then it devolved into a propaganda organization filled with people who figured the rules (and laws) don’t apply to them, just to “the little people”. However, they’re finding out they’re wrong.

It’s about time.


If we need any more proof that radical Greens want us dead, there’s this from Moonbattery:

Moonbats sign petition to imprison climate change skeptics.

Senator Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) isn’t the only one who thinks dissidents should be imprisoned for contradicting the current Democrat Party line on climate change. Mark Dice has no problem finding average morons on the street who agree with this policy:

Ironically, it is actually the moonbats who deny climate change, by pretending that the climate does not always change, no matter how much taxation and regulation are imposed by Democrats.

Maybe Bill Nye the Pseudoscience Guy will assume the role of Tony Fauci in the coming climate crackdown. As Karl Marx should have said, history repeats itself, first as farce, second as even more absurd farce.

What makes this even more farcical is that Bill Nye has argued in favor of “imprisoning those who dispute the global warming hoax.”

So much for tolerance and allowing those who disagree with them the freedom to do so. For a supposed “science guy” he’s way too close-minded. Science guys are supposed to be open-minded because they have to be mindful that what they believe may be proven wrong. (Even Einstein understood that.)

(H/T Pirate’s Cove)


Talk about irony!

COVID Compliance Inspector Booted from Bar After She’s Unable to Prove Her Own Vaccination Status

A frustrated Staten Island bar manager caught a COVID compliance inspector off guard this week after the member of the Gestap — I’m sorry, New York City Department of Health was unable to present her own proof of vaccination like anyone else entering the premises.


Maggie Koronilian, manager of the Big Nose Kate’s Saloon in Staten Island, told the New York Post on Friday that she’d had to kick the public employee out of the establishment on Tuesday over the incident while the bar was able to prove itself in compliance.

Seems fair to me. After all, those enforcing the ‘law’ should themselves comply with the law they are enforcing, right?


Let’s follow on with another bit of stupidity, in this case a school system in Colorado, specifically Denver, has decided that segregation might be a good idea.

Denver Public Schools now promoting racially-segregated playtime—for "equity." pic.twitter.com/QO5XZXHfcX

— Christopher F. Rufo ⚔️ (@realchrisrufo) December 14, 2021

And as a follow-on:

A spokesperson for Denver Public Schools said that Centennial Elementary school leaders met with “some of the Black families whose children attend” Denver Public Schools (DPS) and they requested a separate, segregated space to meet one another.

“Some of these families shared with us that, since the only time many of them see one another is at drop-off and pick-up times, we host some events where Black families can meet one another, connect with one another and share their experiences about the school with one another,” DPS Media Manager Scott Pribble told the Daily Caller.

Pribble said that the school was “honoring their request,” though the school maintains that “all families are welcome to attend all of [the school’s] events.”

Somehow I have a feeling that families not of color may not be as welcome as Mr. Pribble thinks they may be.

All of this brings up another question, that being whether “the School District is unaware of social media where people can meet and organize events on their own”?

And then there’s this:

The bigger question is “if everyone is welcome, why is the event called ‘Families of Color Playground Night?'”

Imagine how fast the government would come down on a company or store that promoted a “White Families Shopping Night” and then tried to claim “all families were welcome.”

It doesn’t even pass the smell test.

Indeed it does not. It doesn’t even come close.


How about one more bit of stupidity, this time at Emory University?

This case involves a Christmas wreath and garlands hung on and around the front door of college fraternity house. The problem?

Apparently those decorations violate school policy.

It has nothing to do with the decorations themselves. Rather it has to do with the fact that the frat members put up those decorations themselves rather than the University’s Housing Operations department. A wreath on the front door and garlands around the door and wrapped around the railings of the stairs requires University personnel to actually put them there?

Just when I thought they couldn’t get any stupider...


This isn’t a headline I thought I’d ever see.

Pot Industry in California on Verge of Collapse.

Really? Pot is legal in California yet the pot growers are going broke. There is a logical explanation, something anyone paying attention when government becomes involved in any industry will know. The explanation?


Potheads who thought government legalization of pot would lead to heaven on earth forgot about one tiny detail: getting the government involved in anything either makes it more expensive or ruins it completely.

In the case of legal pot in California, it’s both.

Many pot smokers in California probably wish they were still buying from the cartels, given how expensive their marijuana has become. And with the dearth of legal pot shops in much of the state, potheads are bypassing the high taxes and spotty service in the existing stores to keep buying on the street.

When government regulation and taxation are too heavy, the industry being regulated and taxed will struggle, if not fail. This is particularly true if there are competitors not handcuffed by those regulations and taxes. And so it is with the legal pot industry in California. The argument that the drug cartels would be hamstrung once pot was legal sounded great and was used as one reason for legalizing pot. But in reality it didn’t hurt the cartels at all. It was just a temporary stumbling block and soon they were selling as much pot as they ever had, but it was more difficult for the authorities to crack down on it because pot was now legal in the state. At best they might be able to cite them for selling without a peddler's license. Maybe.


And that’s the news from Lake Winnipesaukee, where the snow has stopped falling (for now), the stores are jammed with Christmas shoppers, and I have but two more Christmas gifts to pick up...and I am on vacation for the next two weeks!