Thoughts On A Sunday

I don’t know about any of you, but I have almost finished my Christmas shopping. I have only one gift left to buy, that one being for the WP Mom. I always save that one for last because she’s not easy to buy for. Then again, I have a feeling a lot of people have the same problem buying Christmas gifts for their moms. What do you get someone who already has everything?

I certainly saw more than a few folks hitting the various shops in beautiful downtown Wolfeboro yesterday. I had decided not to hit the ‘traditional’ stores for Christmas shopping, choosing to patronize some of our local shops instead. It was certainly more interesting as I saw a lot of potential gifts I wouldn’t have found elsewhere. It made shopping for Katy a little easier. A little.


I attended a meeting at our local ski resort to see a presentation about their plans to expand. From reading some of the stories in our local newspaper about a clash between the county delegation-appointed commission responsible for the ski resort and the county delegation about the proposal, I expected a hostile crowd.

It was anything but.

After the commission presented the plans for the proposed expansion, everyone was enthusiastic. Our ski area has had some pretty good seasons over the past five winters, even with less than perfect weather. (We had one winter that was warmer than usual which meant rain rather than snow part of the time. Another winter was much colder than normal which meant there were some days when the slopes were closed due to the extremely dangerous wind chills.) We saw record numbers last winter despite Covid. But with other ski areas doing upgrades to their lifts, adding slopes and more snowmaking, improving customer amenities and other improvements, maintaining the status quo at ours isn’t an option.

It will be interesting to see how it turns out.


It is no surprise the Ninth Circus Court has decided to ignore Heller vs District of Columbia and uphold a ban on “high capacity” magazines (which in most states are standard capacity magazines).

I have no doubt that this case - Duncan v. Bonta - will end up in front of the US Supreme Court to have it overturn the Ninth Circuit Court, the most overturned court in the US. (That right there should tell us something.)


It is obvious to anyone paying even the smallest amount if attention that the DNC-MSM propaganda machine is cranking up the fear-mongering about the latest Covid variant, Omicron. To hear them tell it this variant worst variant yet, spreading a lot faster than Delta.

It doesn’t matter that the reality as seen in the South African reports that it is a much milder variant than the previous variants. (Delta was milder than the previous variants even though it spread easier, something seen with most viruses.) There were no reported hospitalizations due to Omicron in South Africa. (I believe Omicron was also discovered in Europe, in Belgium I think, and the same observations were made – it is a much milder variant than Delta.)

But the media is playing this as if people are in danger of dropping dead in the streets unless we double down on the same measures that we already know don’t work and surrender even more of our rights to our ‘betters’.

It never ends.


It’s all Fred Flintstone’s fault.

It appears a Stone Age civilization collapsed due to climate change.

A Stone Age Chinese civilization known as Liangzhu collapsed as a result of climate change, according to new research published last Wednesday in the peer-reviewed journal Science Advances.

The researchers, led by geologists Haiwei Zhang and Hai Cheng of the Institute of Global Environmental Change at Xi’an Jiaotong University, determined from geological records from Shennong and Jiulong caves as well as archeological data that the primary cause of the collapse of the Liangzhu culture was probably climate change-induced flooding and inundation.

So because Fred, Barney, and everyone in Bedrock were driving those foot-powered SUVs, another civilization on the other side of the globe was wiped out?

Right. Got it.

(H/T Pirate’s Cove)


How desperate is the Left to spin bad news about Biden as something good as a means of salvaging the reputation of WRBA?

This desperate. (This is a paywalled link.)

I don’t blame the Biden administration for trying to put a positive spin on the state of the country. That’s basically their job … accentuate the positive, give people hope that things are getting better, all that stuff.

But, boy, are they bad at it.

And I mean, really, really bad.

Over the summer, the White House shared a graphic bragging that the cost of the average Independence Day barbecue was down 16 cents over the previous year.

Now, let’s ignore that the graphic was inaccurate and just focus on the fact that the White House was so desperate to find something to brag about that they landed on the alleged savings of 16 cents.

Oh, yeah, I was just overjoyed that I spent 16 cents less for our Fourth of July cookout!

Yeah. Right.

It gets even worse, with skewed graphs showing that gas prices have fallen...2 cents compared to a month ago, but making it look as if it were a huge drop. I’m sorry, but $3.399/gallon versus $3.419/gallon is nothing to crow about considering that a year ago regular gas was $1.939 at the same gas station. (My trusty RAM 1500 uses mid-grade gas which runs $3.579/gallon unless I am towing in which case I use premium as I do get better fuel economy, which costs $3.839/gallon. Thank good ness I am not towing anything this time of year.)

Then, they try to spin the idea that inflation is good for us and the economy. Maybe in the Bizarro Earth where they live in their mind, but to the rest of us it is not. It means that our dollars don’t go nearly as far as they did before. How is that good for anyone?


I mentioned yesterday that I am seeing ice covering a couple of ponds as well as seeing ice on the southern end of Alton Bay.

This morning I was driving by Weirs Beach and I saw a thin skin of ice around the public docks. To make sure it wasn’t just an illusion, I actually stopped at the docks and walked down to the edge of the water and found that there was indeed that skin of ice on the water that extended about 10 feet past the end of the docks.

As I mentioned yesterday I don’t recall seeing this much ice quite this early in December.


And that’s the news from Lake Winnipesaukee, where winter is increasingly making its presence known, Christmas is creeping ever closer, and Monday has once again returned all too soon.