Thoughts On A Sunday - Part 1

There was no posting on either Friday or Saturday as I was busy hosting a dear friend over the weekend, with her getting here Friday evening (when I usually post). There were all kinds of things we did and saw yesterday and today, including a quick 2-hour trip on the Official Weekend Pundit Lake Winnipesaukee Runabout, aka The Boat. (This time out on the lake saw the inadvertent creation of a new hairstyle – the Winnipesaukee Windblown Look. It looked good on her!)

I started this only a few minutes after she departed for home in Connecticut, crafting this post as a distraction until she texts/calls to let me know she made it home unscathed.


It wasn’t a surprise to me to see how quickly Critical Race Theory has become anathema to parents, taxpayers, governors, legislators, and people in general. It seems some of those supporting it have absolutely no idea what CRT is teaching, that being government support of racism against one particular group of people all in the name of combating racism and specifically systemic racism. Yet CRT supports the idea of systemic racism if it is aimed only at one specific race. (Hint: It’s against a non-BIPOC race on one hand and against those of Asian descent on the other hand.)

Proponents keep pushing CRT as a new idea, but it is an old one dating back over a century, one no one here should want to emulate that in any shape or form. It does not address the problem of racism or a solution to the problem. Instead, it creates even more racism, pushing the idea that only one race is racist and the way to deal with it is make that race the target of racism, as if more racism will solve the problem of racism. (We’ve seen something akin to this in the past. It was call Affirmative Action and discriminated against one or two ‘races’ to the benefit of other races. It was just ‘racism used to solve the problem of racism’. It didn’t work.)


A little drama to interrupt – I got a call from BeezleBub asking for help. He was out on the lake on his jet-ski when it broke down. It was a little after 7PM and the sun would soon set. Being on a broken down jet-ski on the lake after sunset was not a good thing, so it was yours truly to the rescue.

A quick drive down to The Boat and I was on my way. I knew roughly where he was and I managed to find him shortly after I got the part of the lake where he’d broken down. It took a while to tow the jet-ski back to our town docks. A little over two hours after I left we made it back to the town docks. A half hour or so later I made it back to The Gulch.

With that in mind, I am going to truncate this post and continue it with a follow-on post on Monday as there’s a lot I still want to cover. But it’s getting late and I still have chores to perform before I shuffle off to bed.


And that’s Part 1 of the news from Lake Winnipesaukee, where there was a lot of boat traffic out on the lake today, the boat yards are working overtime to get boats ready to launch before Memorial Day weekend, and where I was one of those able to spend time out on the lake over the weekend, not counting the rescue of my son and his broken down jet-ski.