The COVID Insanity Of A Bank

To address just how insane the whole Covid-19 issue has become, I offer the following.

The incident in question took place in Florida (a state with lax Covid restrictions as compared to so many of the 'woke' states) at a Bank of America branch, specifically in the drive-thru teller lane, and it illustrates perfectly why the Covid protection “guidelines” are being twisted and being overused in situations that do not warrant them.

The transcript below comes from a recent video posted on the Better Bachelor YouTube channel, starting at the 9:17 minute mark.

WARNING: The linked video is from a YouTube channel that is nominally a MGTOW sympathetic channel, but covers a lot of topics unrelated to MGTOW. If MGTOW offends you, then don't click on the link. That's why I provided a transcript. If you still click on the link and are offended by the other content in this video, too bad. You were warned and you chose to click on it anyways. It's your problem, not mine. And don't even thinking of making it mine. You've. Been. Warned.
Last week, I went to the bank. I went to the bank through the drive-through. Now that means I'm in my car and the bank teller is on the other side of bulletproof glass using a speaker and that slide-out drawer you drop your stuff into. I had to make a deposit. I pulled up, rolled down my window, and she says on the speaker “Please put on a mask.”

Now, I'm in Florida. There's no mandate here for it. Anybody, any age, anybody can go ahead and get the jab if they want to. So there's no one who hasn't gotten it that wants it. So that means anybody who's worried about this stuff can get it taken care of.

She said “Please put on a mask.” I said “We're on the other side of two inch thick glass. Why?”

And she said “It's company policy.”

I said “But it doesn't make any...I don't have one. I'm in my car. I'm not getting out of my car. I'm not...I'm just in my car. I don't have one. I think you can speak to me across the speaker...through two inches of glass.”

She said “I'm sorry, but it's company policy.”

I drove home, I grabbed a mask, I came back, I walked into the bank, I closed my investment accounts, my retirement accounts, my bank account, my checking account, my savings account, I canceled my credit card. I obliterated everything. I made sure I told them why.

Now in the past...in the past, I would have gone home and I might have closed them online, or I might have said “Ah, whatever!” and gone home.

Now, I'm not saying you have to agree, but I just feel...I'm sorry. Bulletproof glass I think is a pretty good, you know, we're more than a few feet apart. She had a mask on. Everyone that wanted the jab have got it.

I'm done with this. I'm done with this foolishness.

I don't blame him. Covid has infected everyone, not with the virus, but with fear, and most worrisome, with foolishness. That corporate foolishness exists to this level is troubling. While corporations are generally conservative, at least regarding their public actions, that Bank of America went to this level of stupid is dismaying.