The White Woke Racists Among Us

A recent post highlighted the problem with woke liberal racism, specifically the soft racism of low expectations. The cartoon in that post overstated the issue (but sometimes that’s the only way to get their attention), but I have to say I have actually interacted with people I know who act exactly that way. While the blatant woke racists are a minority, it is the subtle and unaware ones that are the big problem.

While I could expound in depth about this problem (and it is a big problem), I figured I’d let someone else do the heavy lifting this time. (I have been very busy at work and getting ready to start some renovations here at The Gulch.)

Without further ado, I present to you Daisy Cousens and her take on Georgia’s new Voter ID laws, and how White Woke Racists are trying so hard to prove non-white voters are incapable of dealing with them which, as any halfway intelligent human being could tell you, just ain’t so.