The Bedlam Of A Nation Without Cops

I have to admit I am becoming a fan of Daisy Cousens. She certainly makes some interesting videos that makes one go “Hmm, I wonder if she’s correct on this one?”

Her latest certainly struck a chord with me, making wonder if the endgame of defunding the police is merely another step in bringing about anarchy which in turn will allow a police state to come into being as a means of restoring order? (This is not her conclusion, but she did get me thinking.)

Am I being paranoid? Of course I am, but you are asking the wrong question. The correct question is “Am I being paranoid enough?”

In this video she paints a picture of a nation none of us want, even the woke (thought they don’t realize it...yet). Parts of what she envisions has already been described in Kurt Schlicter’s People’s Republic series. I know I certainly have no desire to see any of that happen, at least not in my lifetime or that of my son or my nephews or nieces. But if something doesn’t change soon, that’s where we might be headed.