That Awful Day

It was nineteen years ago.

Or was it just yesterday?

That Awful Day born of hatred. The smoke, the fire, the dust filling the sky. The rumbling and crashing that signaled the death of so many, victims and heroes alike. Final goodbyes knowing loved ones would never hear their voices ever again. Those who ran towards possible doom, putting their own lives on the line for others. Those who put aside their differences, their fears, and worked together to do something positive on That Awful Day.


Seeing what we all saw on That Awful Day, we also saw how it brought all of us together. Looking around today and seeing what is tearing us apart makes the pain from That Awful Day even worse.

We have forgotten the lesson of That Awful Day. We have let hatred, greed, envy, and the lust for power drive away all that we learned nineteen years ago. Too many of us have forgotten that which we should never forget, assuming some of us knew it at all.

What would be the response if That Awful Day happened today rather than nineteen years ago?

I would like to think it would be the same as it was nineteen years ago.

I really would.