Thoughts On A SuperBowl Sunday

Today is SuperBowl Sunday and much of New England is focusing on the upcoming game in Huston later today and not anything else that might be going on in the rest of the world. I know I am getting ready for the game, having donned my New England Patriots tee in support of the home team. I dare say all eyes in New England and Georgia will be turned to the game come this evening.


It is no surprise that the Left is casting the violent riots in Berkeley by those protesting against a speech to be given by Milo Yiannopoulos as a false flag operation by the Right, said operation meant to discredit the Left. I find it interesting that they can’t even list a single incident of right –wing protesters rioting on college campuses.

Considering that the Left is famous for pulling such operations, something we saw a lot of during the presidential campaign season starting back in beginning of the primary season, I think it is more of wishful thinking (or projection) on their part at best, and disinformation at worst. Then again the Left isn’t exactly known for being either ethical or moral in the pursuit of their Socialist Utopia.


A proposed law in Florida would make private business that ban the carrying of firearms by their patrons responsible for their safety.

I think this should become law in every state, particularly those with heavily restrictive laws that make it difficult for law abiding citizens to defend themselves. If the government or business owners restrict the rights of citizens to be able to protect themselves, then they should be held liable for their safety. After all they disarmed them and left them defenseless. There should be a price to pay if those now defenseless citizens are injured or killed.

There should be consequences for such actions, be they be made by government or private businesses.


Now that the Obama Era is over, federal government bureaucrats are learning the hard way that they do answer to the President and that they can be fired.

Certainly acting Attorney General Sally Yates found that out after she advised Justice Department attorneys that they should not defend President Trump’s executive order about banning immigration and refugees from seven Muslim nations. Even if she didn’t agree with his EO, she was obligated to support it and defend it in court. Instead, she let her personal bias rule and Trump rightly fired her. This should be a lesson to the rest of the self-important bureaucrats who think they answer to no one.

The days of administrative law and rogue actions by agencies that were not authorized by laws passed by Congress, by executive order from the President, or as the result of actions by the courts are over. Go against the boss’s orders and expect to be canned.

That’s how it works in the private sector and it’s time the bureaucrats learn that it’s also true in government service.


New Hampshire is on the verge of becoming a Constitutional Carry state, meaning that now law abiding citizen would be required to have a permit to carry a concealed firearm. Neighboring Vermont, a liberal bastion, has Constitutional Carry. Yet you don’t hear about anti-gun groups trying to do away with it. Nor do they have bullet-riddled corpses lying on the streets. In fact, they have one of the lowest violent crime rates in the nation.

The anti-gunners are certainly out in force here in New Hampshire, trying their best to make it seem that we will have the problem of “bullet-riddled corpses” should Constitutional Carry become the law here. One of their mouthpieces is even willing to lie by omission as a means to prevent it from happening, if not trying to ban ownership or carry of firearms of any kind. The again, Progressives believe only the government should have guns because it makes it easier to control the population.


As a twofer, New Hampshire is also on the verge of becoming a Right To Work state. With the NH Senate having passed SB11 on a 12-11 vote, the measure has moved on the the NH House where labor lobbyists are expected to pull out all the stops. Governor Chris Sununu has said he will sign the legislation should it pass in the House.

If New Hampshire becomes a RTW state, it will be the first one in the Northeast to do so.


And that’s the news from Lake Winnipesaukee, where winter continues, some more snow is coming, and where we’re hoping the Patriots win their fifth SuperBowl.