New Hampshire Poised To Become Next Constitutional Carry State

Once Governor Chris Sununu signs Senate Bill 12, just passed by the New Hampshire House yesterday on a 200-97 vote, New Hampshire will join the ranks of Constitutional Carry states, meaning no permit is required by law-abiding citizens to carry a concealed firearm. While many of the anti-gun hysterics have decried the measure as the gateway to 'blood on the streets and shootouts like the OK Corral”. Considering other states with CC have seen no such occurrences, including neighboring (and quite liberal) Vermont, I doubt we'll see such a debacle here in the Granite State.

That New Hampshire has been a Shall Issue state for concealed carry permits, the percentage of gun ownership is quite high, and the violent crime rate has been one of the lowest in the nation, I doubt that Constitutional Carry is going to affect that at all.

Now all the New Hampshire House has to do is pass the Right To Work Legislation to make the Granite State an even more inviti9ng state to live and work.