Another Storm Of Doom...Or Not

We were graced with the presence of another Nor'easter and the local news stations went into their usual “Storm Center” mode, with regular updates about the storm as it approached and the conditions as it finally arrived and dumped up to 15 inches of snow in portions of New Hampshire.

One thing that was different this time, at least for our local ABC affiliate, was that there wasn't the usual We're-All-Gonna-DIE semi-hysteria that is all too common. In this case they stated that there was danger, suggested people stay home if they could, and take extra caution if they couldn't. There were none of the obligatory scenes of one of the one-the-scene reporters bending down to show us that, yes, there was indeed snow on the ground. It was all petty low key.

Maybe they've learned that this kind of hype doesn't play all that well in a state that measures annual winter snowfall in feet....

...but probably not.