Which Pipeline Are You Protesting Again?

With the on and off stories about protests about various pipelines, the latest being the Dakota Access Pipeline, one has to wonder just how many pipelines there really are. The handy-dandy map below certainly brings the matter into perspective:

One of the proposed pipelines that made quite a bit of news here in New Hampshire was the Kinder Morgan pipeline that would have brought large amounts of natural gas into New England. Looking at the map above it looks like there are few serving New England. That certainly explains why natural gas prices always skyrocket during the winter around here as most of it comes into the area on huge LNG tankers...from Yemen. Yet the very same people who complain about the spikes in natural gas prices (along with the same for electric rates as a lot of power plants in the Northeast run on natural gas) have worked hard to prevent any new pipelines from being built that will carry natural gas from Pennsylvania into this area.

Talk about a major disconnect from reality!