Thoughts On A Sunday

This weekend is the last we'll see of some of the better weather for a while. We have colder temps, higher winds, and the possibility of some snowfall over the next four or five days.

In other words, winter weather is arriving.

While not all of our winter prep is done, most of it is. The few things that still need doing aren't critical, but they'll still get done over the next couple of days.


I still find it interesting that, after all this time, it surprises me when I meet people whose scribblings I have read, either on blogs or in the local paper's letters to the editor. More often that not they are quite different in person and when discussing things with them face to face. I think it's the pseudo-anonymity that drives quite a bit of it.

My next-door neighbor, a transplant from the People's Republic of Massachusetts, sounds like a card carrying member of the Communist Party of the United States in his letters to the local paper. But when I have the opportunity to talk with him face to face, his positions seem much more moderate and far less emotional.

About the only person I have found to be exactly the way they have portrayed themselves on line or in the papers is a radical Leftist academic teaching in one of our local state universities. Even my neighbor thinks this guy is so far out there that he's lost somewhere in interstellar space.


Did Trump win Nevada?

If this is any indication of the voting problems in just one district in Las Vegas, I'd have to say the probability that Trump actually won in Nevada is pretty high.


Talk about a major #FAIL in regards to Europe's drive to preserve the environment!

They've been cutting down trees in protected forests to use for fuel in biomass electric generation plants. That's as bad as the UK importing wood from the US to do the same thing.

Didn't anyone realize just how disconnected and stupid the whole concept is? Obviously, not.


We've finished the last of our Christmas decorating, putting up the window 'candles' as a finishing touch. Our tree has been up and decorated since Friday evening as well as some of the other 'garnishes' to give The Manse a more festive look. We've never really been into outside decoration, preferring to keep what decorations that can be seen from the outside more low key.

However, BeezleBub and Red Head Girl have decorated the exterior of the barn where there apartment is located, mostly with white lights. Deb and I contributed a little splash of color with a green and red lighted Christmas wreath to hang near the peak of the barn roof just to provide a little contrast with the rest of the decorations.


The New England Patriots played the LA Rams in Foxborough this afternoon, beating them 26-10. This was quarterback Tom Brady's 201st win, making him the winningest NFL quarterback ever.


We already know many liberals and the LSM have a very low opinion of a good portion of the American people. But it takes testicular fortitude to actually say so on national TV.

And they wonder why Trump won.


Then as if that wasn't enough, here's what white liberals really think about black voters.

They really have a low opinion of the capabilities of black voters. Can it be the “soft racism of low expectations” that so many of the American Left practice?

Of course it is.


This is something I've known for a long time, have written about a number of times, and know to still be true. What is it I'm talking about?

The bogus unemployment numbers being touted by the feds.

The 'official' unemployment numbers come from what is called the U3 rate. The actual unemployment rate should be taken from the U6 rate, which encompasses not just those who are out of work and collecting unemployment, but those whose benefits have expired, those who have given up looking for work in their fields, and the underemployed who are working in jobs far below their previous level of employment.

Even Donald Trump knows the U.S non-farm payroll numbers and unemployment numbers are bogus.


Oh, I wish I had seen the looks on their faces when Dick Cheney said this to Barbara Starr on CNN in regards to Trump and the news media:

He's at the point where we don't need you guys anymore.

Of course Trump should thank the MSM for all of the free press he received during the campaign season. After all, it meant he spent only a fraction of what Hillary spent on her campaign. Then again, Trump is a master at manipulating the media and he played 'em like a fiddle.



Speaking of the relationship between Trump and the media, Eric The Viking has this take on it.

Yes, Trump is stirring the pot on some well-earned criticism on the media for political gain.  But his tactic would fall flat if Americans maintained trust in the media which they most definitely have not....

Trust in the media is at an all time low. And why not? The media ceased being a source of information and became a propaganda wing of the Left decades ago. However, these days they don't even pretend to be unbiased anymore. That, and we already know just how much disdain they have for most Americans. Maybe that's why we have such disdain for them.


David Starr wonders who is the “Alt Right”?

Like him, I haven't a clue. They seem to be that always mysterious and invisible “They” that everyone is always talking about. Could they be, as David wonders, “just 50 Internet trolls?”


And that's the news from Lake Winnipesaukee, where winter is going to make itself known for the next few days, woodstoves will be running 24/7, and where a whole lot of people will be wishing they had their snow tires on their cars and SUVs.