Message To Maduro - Atlas Shrugged Is Not A How-To Manual

As we approach Christmas we come across Grinch who is working hard to steal Christmas toys from the kids of Venezuela.

In this case the government of Arturo Maduro, bus driver extraordinaire, decided to seize over 4 million toys from a toy distributor because the government “fair” pricing authority believed the owners were “promoting price speculation”. The government will hand out the seized toys to poor children in Venezuela. Of course these days almost every child in Venezuela is poor. The Chavistas made them poor.

While kids will get toys this Christmas, it is unlikely there will be any toys to be had next year. Why should anyone want to import toys knowing it is highly likely they will be stolen by the government...again. I can guarantee that the toy distributor, Kreisel, won't be bringing in any toys as it is quite possible they won't be in business much longer, at least not in Venezuela.

If that happens, I expect Maduro will blame the “greedy capitalists” for not ordering more toys to be stolen by the government. It won't matter to them that they drove the company out of business.

The more I read and hear about the government actions taking place in Venezuela, the more it proves that the people in power have absolutely no idea who economies work and figure they can just order factories to produce goods when they have no money to by raw materials, have no electricity to run the factories, or farmers to grow and harvest crops when there are no seeds, fertilizer, or pesticides to be had, particularly at the prices the government has set. Farmers can't sell their crops for what it cost them to grow and harvest them. Yet the government wonders why things keep getting worse.

I figure it's just a matter of time before Maduro issues the Venezuelan version of Directive 10-289.

Not that it will help.