Thoughts On A Sunday

This weekend is the so-called Last Gasp weekend of the season, with a lot of summerfolk up to close out their summer cottages and camps as well as the increasing hordes of leaf-peepers up to look at the fall foliage.

The farm where BeezleBub works has seen one its busiest weekends since the Fourth of July. (Labor Day Weekend is the third busiest.)

Rain dampened out some of the activities for the first half of today, but Columbus Day will certainly help make up for it.


While I can condemn Donald Trump's comments in regards to some of the women he's come on to, one must remember that he said these things over 11 years ago, not yesterday.

Something to remember, Bill Clinton went far beyond that and was elected to a second term. The DNC went out of its way to minimize the effects of Clinton's affairs and assaults. Hillary did what she could to demonize his victims. You know if it had been a Democrat uttering what Trump did, they'd be putting as much spin as they could, bringing up that it was a long time ago and didn't reflect the beliefs of Democrat in question.

The old double standard rides again.


Yet another example of the Democrat/Liberal/Progressive double standard: They're pushing to strip the non-profit status of any group opposing the Obama Administrations foreign policy.

So if any one group expresses their disdane and opposition to the disastrous foreign policy and “smart diplomacy” of Obama and his cronies, they should be stripped of their non-profit status, a means of silencing them that is only one step below arrests and incarceration in 're-education camps' or gulags.

Somewhere in the depths of Hell, the ghosts of Marx, Lenin, and Stalin are chuckling.


That whirring sound? Dr. Martin Luther King Jr spinning in his grave.


Have you noticed how politics has increasingly been intruding one every aspect of life, particularly Progressive politics? Their politics have ruined everything fun.

Writes Skip:

[T]he Progressives, with their constant shoving of politics into everything, are basically ruining everything.  They can’t just leave well enough alone and have to constantly be screeching at us from their positions.  You name it but there’s hardly no place to go without some Progressive policy or stance thrown in our faces.

Skip goes on to link to a piece by Peggy Ryan that delves into the destruction of fun by the Progressives by intruding into every aspect of our lives, even recreation.

What kind of people do this kind of thing? That's simple – totalitarians. After all, that's what Progressives are at heart because they believe they know better how we should live our lives and what we should believe because they are our 'betters'.

Perhaps it's time to disabuse them of that notion and show them for the pathetic deluded misanthropes they are.


David Starr has some ideas about repatriating all of the trillions of dollars stuck overseas and eliminating the incentives for US corporations from performoing inversions (buying a foreign company and them 'moving' their corporate headquarters to that foreign land in order to get out from under the draconian US corporate taxes). It may also help keep jobs in the US.


Stacy McCain offers some advice about learning not to argue.

One of the important lessons in life — and it took me a long time to learn it — is to avoid arguments. That is to say, when you find yourself in a situation where someone is determined to dispute about facts, as opposed to mere opinion, just leave it alone and walk away. You have stated what you believe to be true, and the person trying to have an argument with you is, in effect, accusing you of ignorance and/or poor judgment. You are being disrespected, and there is no possibility that someone who has no respect for you will be persuaded by anything more you have to say. Change the subject, or politely excuse yourself from the conversation, because continuing such an argument will only give further offense to your antagonist, and likely cause harm to your reputation.

McCain goes on to illustrate why, including a lot of personal experience.

Read The Whole Thing.


It will be interesting to see if Tom Brady's return to the Patriots lineup will put the team into a much better position to win against the Cleveland Browns today. Last week's outing with and injured Brissette at the helm proved to be a loser for both the offense and defense, with the Patriots being shutout at home, something that hasn't happened for decades. That the Patriots had to play their third string quarterback against a healthy Buffalo Bills team didn't help at all.

We'll see if Brady can light a fire under his team.

UPDATE: The Patriots beat the Browns 33-13!


Will I be watching tonight's Presidential Debate?

Nope. I'm not going to bother, particularly since two of Hillary's media shills will be co-moderating.

Why the heck can't these folks use moderators with no agenda? Or are they afraid someone might ask Hillary a question that she might actually have to answer without the help of a script?


Cap'n Teach point us to a Politico poll showing most citizens want Trump to stay in the race.

The poll was based on hearing the Trump comments and then his subsequent apology. It creates an interesting dynamic, where the political class are abandoning Trump and calling for him to step aside, while the rank and file are not (really, he shouldn’t have been the nominee in the first place, but, that’s a different post).


Let’s face it: we know Hillary and Bill, among other Democrats, have done and said far, far, far worse. And are give a pass by Democrats and their compliant media. Trump’s comments were despicable, but, then who among us is without sin and can throw the stone?

Of course, we aren't running for President, and, shouldn’t we be better than the scum of the Democrats?

Yes. Yes we should.


I have to agree with this 100 percent.

The GOP owns Trump because it rejected and destroyed the TEA Party.

The GOP had the chance to reform itself along TEA Party lines, to push for fiscal restraint, to make the government live withing the limits of the United States Constitution, and to promote free markets. Instead, it turned on the TEA Party after they had helped secure wins during the 2010 elections, treating no better than the Progressives did.

And because the establishment GOP did so, they are finding themselves with a candidate they find they cannot support. The Republican rank and file have basically given the GOP leadership a big “Screw You!” in nominating Trump.

They are reaping what they have sown.


And that's the news from Lake Winnipesaukee, where the rain has finally come to an end, the leaf-peepers are still arriving, and where it's time for me to put our boat up for the winter.