Society On The Brink - And They Don't Realize It

It has been said that the nominations of both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are symptoms of political parties reaching the breaking point. Both are horrible candidates. Neither is likely to be good at the job. One has so much political baggage that governing will be damn near impossible. The other has issues with a lack of self-censorship and a need to be right no matter what. He also doesn't always know when to shut up. But he has touched upon what so many in the country feel, and that's anger against those who treat them as those who can be safely ignored. You know, the Deplorables.

But there is another view of what these candidates represent and it may be worse than many among the so-called elite may realize. It's not the parties that have reached the breaking point. They are but another symptom. It is society itself that has reached the breaking point and the elite haven't a clue about what's going to happen.

I can tell them this: It's not going to be pretty, and particularly for them.

(The following was reformatted for easier readability, but none of the content was changed – dce) What I find most surprising today is that the insiders and the elite have no idea what is percolating just beneath the surface.  Okay, maybe their arrogance actually produces its own fog, so it should not come as a surprise that they are blinded. They do not look at the calendar, which, if one really looks, says "1788" on it.  Something is close.  Very close.  Society is near the breaking point.

My own experience is that Hillary’s so-called Deplorables are actually the most reserved, most polite, and most honest demographic in the country. They are more informed, more self-reliant, and among other things, better armed.  Regarding their arms, they are incredibly responsible, and not the source of the violence for which the implement, and not the person, is too often blamed.  The Deplorables have the longest fuse.  It is, however, a fuse.

Alt Left, on the other hand, are the Neo Fascists and Neo Neocons.  It is Alt Left that thinks Free Speech means THEIR speech only.  It is Alt Left that needs 'safe spaces' and wants to enforce thought crime.

It is Alt Left, and its media lapdog sites, that is heavily into censorship of ideas that diverge from their approved ideology.  It is Alt Left that champions regime change and ratcheting up the rhetoric against Russia. It is Alt Left that believes it has an inherent right, even an obligation, to lie and obfuscate if it serves their greater purpose.

Perhaps most significant is that it is Alt Left who so quickly resorts to violence and vandalism when confronted with people and ideas with which it takes exception.  Never has that been as clear as in this election cycle.

The Deplorables, however, are not possessed of infinite patience. Like a capacitor, there is a charge building, and at some point it will be released into the circuitry of society.

The media and other insiders believe themselves to be immune.  That thought no doubt results from being immersed inside a cocoon where dissonant voices are not allowed.  When the levee breaks, or the capacitor releases its charge, they are going to be gob smacked.

Precious few of them are anywhere near as immune as they believe themselves to be.  Additionally, what they might think, or hope, is their support, their security, their safe space, doesn't really exist.

They don't realize (or most likely, don't care) that it is the Deplorables that make their lifestyles possible. It is the Deplorables that police their streets, that man their fire stations, that clean their streets, sidewalks, parks, and subway stations, that fill the shelves in their stores, that fix their cars, that provide water, electricity, and broadband, that serve drinks and take their food orders at their favorite clubs and restaurants, and a lengthy list of other services upon which they are dependent.

What would happen if the Deplorables decided they were going to stop doing those things for them? What would happen if for three days the Deplorables went Galt? Would that kind of upheaval get their attention and make them understand that “they ain't all that”, or would it push them to do something incredibly stupid?

I'm betting on 'stupid'.

The elite exist in a self-created bubble that is, in effect, an echo chamber. All they hear is whatever their peers say and not what anyone outside their circle has to tell them. They haven't really shown all that much wisdom, or more accurately, common sense.

If one has been paying attention, this is right out of Atlas Shrugged. It wouldn't surprise me to find our 'betters' have been using it as a how-to guide rather than the warning it was meant to be.

So be it.