The McCarthyism Of The Left

As more WikiLeaks revelations come to light, one of the less publicized actions taken by Democrats and those working for them is right out of the history books - McCarthyism.

What Podesta and Clinton have done to the rule of law and promoting sleaze, Tyhink Progress and Tom Steyer have done to a critic of the global climate alarmism critics, in this case Roger Pielke Jr. Rtahr than addressing Pielke's criticism, they did everything they could to destroy his credibility, and then bragged about it.

A July 2014 e-mail from Judd Legum, an editor at ThinkProgress, to billionaire Democratic climate activist (and former coal-mine investor) Tom Steyer exposes the climate-change McCarthyism that the Left — and its myriad allies in the liberal media — use to discredit or silence anyone who doesn’t adhere to the orthodoxy of the climate catastrophists.

In the e-mail, Legum boasted to Steyer about how ThinkProgress had silenced Pielke by preventing him from publishing at Nate Silver’s then-new website, fivethirtyeight.com, on the issue of climate change. Legum was also asking Steyer, indirectly, for more money. Steyer and Podesta both sit on the board of the Center for American Progress. Between 2008 and 2014, Steyer gave the Center for American Progress some $3.85 million.

So rather than answering Pielke's observations and opinions with those of their own, they decided to take the sleazy route, silencing him, threatening websites and publications to prevent Pielke from making his opinions about the warmist alarmism and the faulty reasoning and bogus science they been using to lie to the people.

One has to wonder who will be their next targets, though it we can count on it being anyone who has the gumption to disagree with the self-anointed 'betters'.

That is the action of thugs who know they can't win the war of opinion if they allow the other side to speak out.

What a bunch of scumbags.