Thoughts On A Sunday

This is going to be a somewhat abbreviated version of TOAS as other duties took precedence. Hopefully I can make up for it during the rest of the week.


It's been a very wet weekend here in New Hampshire, something I'm not complaining about because we've needed rain for some time. It was very dry during the summer and the lake was down two feet below its normal level, something that has caused all kinds of problems with boaters hitting submerged rocks with their stern drives or outboards, severely damaging them.,br>
The usual draw down of the lake that occurs every November isn't necessary this year because the water level has been so low. Even this late rain isn't going to do a lot to move the water level up all that much as a lot of that rain will refill streams and pond that have been dry since late August.


The 'October Surprise' about new FBI investigations in regards to Hillary's e-mails and her private e-mail server has her campaign and the DNC in a tizzy. Some of her campaign spokescritters have been claiming that FBI Director Comey's announcement is some how unfair and it will affect the election. But we all know that if it had been Donald Trump who was the target of such an investigation, Hillary's campaign would be shouting it from the rooftops.

In regards to this, Smitty has a suggestion about what to do with Hillary.

I think he may be on to something.


And speaking of how the Clinton's and the Democrats would react to such an October Surprise were the tables turned, here's a flashback to 1992 when just such a thing happened to the Republicans that helped usher George H.W. Bush out of office.

It seems the Clintons and the DNC are only upset about such things when the same tactics are used against them.

Democrat double standards all around.


The Democrats keep insisting voter fraud just does not exist...until someone is caught red handed doing so, filling in unmarked sections of absentee ballots she was opening as part of her job.

And then someone else being caught filling in fraudulent voter registration cards, some for five people who didn't give her any consent to do so as well 17 forms for people who don't exist, and a number of others for people who are dead. One thing to notice about the report – the political affiliation of the two perpetrators is not mentioned. That means they are most likely Democrats. If they had been Republicans it would have been right up front in the report.

These two cases took place in just one county in Florida. Election fraud in Indiana is being investigated in 57 counties. So please don't tell me there is no voter fraud.


Interested to see what the 100 most damaging WikiLeaks releases are in regards to Hillary?

Then go here.

Frankly, nothing there surprises me as the Clintons have been sleazeballs for decades.


The EPA wants us all to “Party like it's 1899!”

I find it interesting that an unelected head of a rogue government agency is demanding we go back to living in the 19th century.

[Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Gina] McCarthy was appointed by President Obama. She runs a political agency for a political administration in maybe the most political city in world history. She's neither prophet nor angel.

Yet she makes a pronouncement as if she has the moral authority, the heavenly justification, to tell others how they must live. She demands we return to an era in which humans produced less carbon dioxide emissions and therefore lived much more primitively.

As I always like to tell these Progressive jerks when they make such pronouncements, “You first!” After all, shouldn't they lead by example? If it is such a crisis, then why aren't these jerks acting like it's a crisis? It's simple – there is no crisis. As the Good Perfessor keeps telling us, “I'll believe it's a crisis when the people who are telling us it's a crisis start acting like it's a crisis.”



And that's the (abbreviated) news from Lake Winnipesaukee, where the weather is warming up (and drying out), Halloween is being celebrated tomorrow night, and where we all can't wait for the political silly season to be over and done with.