Real Rape Culture

We hear the Third Wave Feminists using the battle cry of “Rape Culture” as a means of destroying yet another part of our culture, meaning men, by trying to paint all of them as rapists. Every little twitch, facial expression (or lack thereof), word, or action made by men are seen as yet another form of sexual assault. They scream about patriarchal 'control' everyone with a 'Y' chromosome is trying to impose upon them.

They don't know or understand jack about rape culture. It's a smokescreen, a distraction used to gain more control over everyone's lives, even those of other women by trying to paint them as perpetual victims of the non-existent “Rape Culture.” They really have no clue, or choose to have none, about actual rape culture. Whether it's because it doesn't fit their narrative or doesn't give them a political advantage, they ignore the brutality of an actual rape culture, one that has been brutalizing women in entire regions of the world.

This is what “Rape Culture” actually looks like.

It looks like an ISIS fatwa that details the regulations in which its followers are asked to consider when raping their female “slaves.”

Among the rules: You can only rape a mother, or daughter, but not both. You can only rape one sister, not two. A father and son cannot both rape the same woman. But wait, there’s a proviso to that. If the father sells the woman to his son, the son can then rape her.

Raping children is also acceptable: “It is permissible to have intercourse with the female slave who hasn’t reached puberty, if she is fit for intercourse.”

The TWF's won't talk about it. They won't even admit it exists because, after all, it takes away from their narrative that the women here are all victims a “Rape Culture” that doesn't really exist anywhere but in their imaginations.

Do we have problems with sexual assaults? Yes. No one has claimed otherwise. But it is overblown by two orders of magnitude, and is redefined so broadly that every social interaction between men and women constitute rape.

These women need to get psychiatric help before it's too late.