The Donald's Visit

I was at a meeting at our local airport this afternoon when I found out The Donald would be arriving here in central New Hampshire some time early this evening.

From what this “person in the know” stated, everything was planned and timed from when the aircraft (a Cessna Citation X) would roll up onto the ramp in front of the terminal, The Donald's exit from the jet and entry into the terminal, a brief 'meet and greet' with a few of the local power players, then a departure from the terminal in a large black SUV for a 10 minute ride and 20 minute speech and Q&A session in nearby Weirs Beach, then a return to the airport followed by a rapid boarding of the jet and an equally rapid departure and trip back to New York. It must be nice to have that kind of money.

At least The Donald hasn't been harping about other people's carbon foot print.