Common Sense Ain't So Common Anymore

You know common sense is rapidly disappearing when a supposedly knowledgeable TV person is so intimidated by a fire extinguisher, one used to put out a kitchen fire, that they should be removed from the gene pool immediately. Eloi and Morlocks indeed!

As Tam puts it, it's “still more proof that speciation is under way.”

When the big catastrophe hits in whatever shape, it's likely the techies, tradesmen, and nerds will survive and the useless “phone sanitizers and TV news anchors” will perish.

Believe it or not, I see this kind of helplessness every day and it's only getting worse. Too many people have no idea how any of the technology that sustains them works, nor do they care...until it doesn't work anymore. Then they're lost and have no idea how to survive without it. After all electricity comes from the wall socket and water from the faucet, but they have no idea from where the supply of electricity or water actually comes, nor the gas for their SUVs or the natural gas/propane/oil used to heat their homes. The thing is, they should. Certainly previous generations (including mine) had a pretty good understanding how things worked (and still do). Not so much today.