Thoughts On A Sunday

This is a rather abbreviated TOAS this weekend as it has been quite busy, between a heavy dose of yard work and preparations for our town's Memorial Day celebration.

We had a few friends over to help with the more labor intensive yard work – a lot of weeding, trimming, and mulching – something we normally handled ourselves. But due to an incident I experienced a little over a week ago, I have found myself quite incapable of performing my regular landscaping duties, hence the help from friends.

I also found I needed to make an appearance at our little town's memorial Day celebration, something the townsfolk hereabouts take very seriously. Basically it has to do with my new position within town government, hence my participation was expected. Let it not be said I was unwilling to do what I would have done voluntarily.


Sad but true:

In just 3 generations, our young men have gone from taking Normandy to Boy Scouts not being allowed to use WATER guns.

Call it the wussification of American boys, a goal the Third Wave Feminists have been working towards for decades.

Of course then we'll hear the refrain “They just don't make men the way they used to” after some of these so-called feminist find that men no longer measure up to their expectations. (Yes, despite their protestations to the contrary, many women do want good ol' American men of the type that existed in great numbers in even the more recent past.) What they're finding instead are men like the “onesie boy” in the ObamaCare ads. They want a man and what they get is a male 'girlfriend'.

Men who are still unafraid to be men are either already in a committed relationship with a woman who appreciates them, or they've decided they don't want to deal with the BS, heartache, and financial destruction getting involved with a TWF would impose upon them and have gone into stealth mode.


Both Ted Nugent and Robert De Niro tell college grads some hard truths.

Too bad these grads were lied to during their entire collegiate 'experience' and too many of them are unprepared for the Real World. They're about top get a rude awakening.


Speaking of the Real World, Ace of Spades delves into some harsh realities being devoutly ignored by the TWF and the leftist press. The press focuses on subjects and events that are, quite frankly, trivial and of no importance in the real world while choosing not to cover atrocities and real events that, had they happened here, would have them up in arms.


The People's Cube covers the 7 Stages of the Progressive Agenda.

Yup. Sounds just about right.


I could have told them this: The media is losing the War on Nerds.

They may have thought nerds are defenseless, but now they're finding out they pissed off the wrong bunch of people. They have forgotten that in the end, nerds run everything because chances are they created almost everything modern society uses.

What happens if nerds go on strike? All one has to do is watch Revenge of the Nerds – Part III to find out just how bad it can be for those of you who piss us off.


And that's the abbreviated news from Lake Winnipesaukee, where the warm weather has returned, we still need rain, and the summerfolk have appeared in droves.