Thoughts On A Sunday

After the little bit of rain we had last weekend everything has 'greened' up over the past week. Bare branches with just some buds on them have sprouted leaves and the countryside has exploded with green, along with the yellows, violets, and reds of flowers blooming.

Spring has finally sprung.


I saw this quote in a piece about another topic, but it perfectly illustrates my beliefs about sanity and insanity.

Insanity is the pursuit of delusion at all costs while sanity is the pursuit of reality at all costs.

That fit's in so well with Einstein's commentary on insanity:

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over, but expecting a different result this time.

That is indeed the pursuit of delusion at all costs. Too bad none of our Progressive brethren understand that's exactly what they're doing, trying the same policies and strategies again and again even after watching them fail time after time. The expect that it will work this time because, after all, they're on the side of all that's right and good.

Yeah. Right.


Flopping Aces asks the important question: Who created ISIS?


As per usual, Dear Leader took an event that involved the death of a public figure and made it all about himself.

So what else is new?


Have you noticed that when climate scientists adjust climate data, they never explain why they need to adjust it? Could it be that without that 'adjustment', the data shows little or no change in things like temperature or sea level?

Why, exactly, is the satellite data “adjusted” in such a manner? The data is the data, yet, Warmist “scientists” will trot out all sorts of excuses as to why their adjustments are needed, though they never answer “why” the data ends up being so far above the reality of the raw data.

With no adjustments, there is no 'there' there.


Bird Dog dusts off this oldie and updates a little bit to keep it current.

If nothing else it serves as a lesson that observations colored by emotion can be drastically in error.


Some feminists really don't get it, nor will they ever get it because they live in an alternate universe of their own making where the laws of physics and biology are severely distorted out of all proportion.


Airbus may be trying to create a competitor for the venerable C-130 Hercules (in service since the 1950's and through numerous revisions and variations), but it isn't as easy or as cheap as they may have thought.


And that's the news from Lake Winnipesaukee, where green is breaking out all over, Monday won't be as nice as this past weekend, and where Memorial Day weekend fast approaches.