Thoughts On A Sunday

It was a busy day for the WP clan yesterday. We gathered in a church yard in Connecticut to inter the remains of the WP Dad.

Though he had passed this past fall, it wasn't until yesterday he was laid in his final resting place. And while a solemn and bitter-sweet event, we remembered him with joy in our hearts for he was finally home.


It boggles my mind that there are so many people in America who seem perfectly willing to greatly restrict or even get rid of our First Amendment Right of free speech. They don't want speech they consider offensive to be uttered by anyone, with 'they' being the only arbiter of what's offensive and what's not.

Following their illogic on this matter, I feel it is their speech which is offensive, willfully ignorant, and purely emotion-driven. Should they succeed, they will find themselves in the cross-hairs of the state as there will be times they utter 'illegal' speech and find themselves locked away for 'counter-revolutionary and incendiary' speech. May the burden of their chains weigh heavily upon them.


This proves that Noam Chomsky is doing his best to bring about Orwell's 1984.

Then again Chomsky's always been a fascist, so it's no surprise to anyone who's been paying attention.


Maybe it's time to “tell [Ms.] Grundy to go fly a kite.”

It's bad enough when white heterosexual male college students are automatically assumed to be violent rapists, but when a college professor sees them as the cause of all problems, then one has to wonder whether she's qualified to teach them or is capable of keeping her biased in check when grading them.

My guess is “no”.


Court orders are for the “little people”, not the US government.

As has been asked by Glenn Reynolds more than once, if the government doesn't feel the need to follow the law, then why should we?


Despite decades of effort to stop the “blame the victim” tactic when dealing with rape – “The notion that a rape victim deserved to be raped because she was wearing a tight outfit” - something that has, for the most part has been accomplished, that principle was abandoned wholeheartedly in regards to the two Islamofascist pinheads who decided they were going to shoot up a gathering of First Amendment supporters.

That they ended up dead and their plot thwarted is not what the Democrats are talking about. Instead, they're blaming the organizer of the event for the attack, basically saying “She was asking for it!”

The ugly Democrat double standard asserts itself yet again.


We finally got some rain this evening, the first appreciable rain in almost a month.

Like many areas around the country it's been dry, leaving the conditions right for brush fires. We've certainly experienced a few, though not like some parts of the country.

While the amount of rain we received won't solve the problem with dry conditions over the long run, it does mitigate them for the next day or two.


And that's the travel and thunderstorm abbreviated news from Lake Winnipesaukee, where the the lawns are still a bit brown, the brush piles are growing at the local dump, and where summerfolk are busy working on getting their summer camps ready.