Thoughts On A Sunday

Looking at the temperatures and the type of precipitation we've seen over the past few days you'd think it was the middle of March and not the end of April. Night-time temps have been near or just below freezing and day-time temps in the 40's, though some 50's did make their appearance in the southern tier of the state.

Ice Out on Lake Winnipesaukee was announced last Friday, more than a week later than the average Ice Out date. While nowhere near the latest date (May 5th), it was still late and if it hadn't been for the high and shifting winds breaking up the ice, it easily could have been a week later than it was this year.


This is a sad commentary.

An MRCTV reporter ventured on to the University of Maryland's campus and showed students pictures of the 40th President on the United States. Very few could identify him.

To think that college students don't know who Ronald Reagan was is disturbing on so many levels I don't know where to begin. How much of our history, and the world's history, do they not know?

To think that our nation will be in their hands some day fills me with dread, knowing they will likely fall prey to Santayana's axiom.


There is a growing movement Down Under to “Reclaim Australia” from the insidious spread of Islamism within Australia and all it entails.

“Reclaim Australia” rallies were held in 16 different locations across Australia Saturday [April 11, 2015]. Billed as a call for “patriotic Australians” to “stand together to stop tax, Sharia law and Islamization,”. the rallies provoked violent encounters with counter protesters who billed the events as racist and anti-Muslim.

Reclaim Australia, a community organization, denied the accusations. “We’re not against any particular race or any particular religion,” John Oliver, an activist with the organization, said. “We’re against the extremists of one particular religion. I know in Sydney and Melbourne they’ve got Muslims already signed on to attend because they can see what’s happening and they don’t like what’s happening.”

The group is being “mocked by the elite press and derided as racist...sort of the same way [the] Tea Party was mocked when we dared to protest government policies.”



Talk about hypocrisy! And I'll bet the party involved really doesn't see it as such.

Then again, they never do.


This is the face of modern day fascism: destroying a family's lives and business because of 'hurt' feelings.

After reading the story it seems this was less about hurt feelings than about a quick way to make a buck while imposing their own close-minded views upon their victims.

I have two words of advice for the offended lesbian couple: Grow up!


I find it interesting that the Hollywood Leftist Elite are not upset that Bruce Jenner has talked openly about his transition from male to female. Nope. But they are “shocked and dismayed” that he came out as a Republican.

Oh, the horrors!


Yet another Obamacare state exchange domino is about to fall, in this case Covered California.

Can anyone tell me honestly that they thought this would work when there's years of evidence proving just the opposite?


David Starr adds his 2¢ worth to the minimum wage debate and brings up a number of points proponents are choosing to ignore.

As I've said more than once, labor is a commodity just like any other, and when it costs too much businesses won't buy as much as they might have when it cost less.


And that's the news from Lake Winnipesaukee, where warm temps are elusive, Ice Out has been declared, and where tons of yard work still needs to be done.