The Fragile Snowflakes Are In For a Rude Awakening

Every time I think the “fragile snowflakes” couldn't get any more ridiculous, they prove me wrong.

Lately they have been equating speech, particularly speech they disagree with, with acts of violence, requiring the need for “safe spaces” to protect themselves from the 'violence' of someone's opinion that differs from theirs. But it doesn't stop them from threatening acts of violence against those who disagree with their morally bankrupt and ethically challenged ideology.

“The students were so carried away with the idea that I was a threat to their safety,” Sommers told the website Campus Reform, that Oberlin officials “arranged for security guards to escort me to and from the lecture to protect me from the safe spacers.”

What are these fragile leftist snowflakes going to do when they get out in the real world? Do they really think anyone is going to give a damn about “trigger warnings” or “safe spaces” or “traumatizing speech”? Hell no.

What is more likely to happen is that their employers will tell them to “Get back to work!” or “Gee, I guess that means you're FIRED!”

Oh, they'll complain about how their former place of employment was a hostile work environment, maybe file a lawsuit, and then lose when everyone at their former place of employment explains how it was the fragile snowflake who created the hostile work environment. They will curl up in a corner somewhere, semi-catatonic, unable to deal with conditions in the real world. The upside to this is that in this condition they will leave us alone and let us get on with making a living and living our lives free from the arrogance, derision, and scorn of these poor brainwashed drones.