The Witch Hunts Return With A Vengeance

The overblown and grossly inaccurate campus rape “crisis” is creating havoc across the nation, with colleges implementing kangaroo courts at the behest of a government agency that has no such authority to make such requirements. That it is likely to cost colleges millions in damages due to lawsuits by students 'convicted' by incompetent tribunals incapable of conducting what are in fact criminal investigations of “he-said/she-said” cases is something the overwrought Social Justice Warriors care nothing about. It's all about 'justice' even though their definition of justice seems to be suspiciously close to that of lynching. It's all just another version of a witch hunt.

We've seen these before over the past 2,000 years or so. We've seen them writ large here in the US just in the past few decades. The 'satanist' inspired music that was supposedly driving teens to commit suicide in the 70's and the ludicrous charges of child sexual abuse against daycare workers (with some also being connected with satanist rituals) without a single jot of evidence and wildly outlandish 'testimony' of the supposed victims putting a lot of innocent people in prison being just two prime examples of modern day witch hunts.

The criminal cases brought against those accused of carrying out theatrical episodes of ritualized sexual abuse within the walls of American daycares look absolutely unbelievable in retrospect. The phenomenon of “recovered memories” that drove many of these cases is pseudoscientific poppycock, and the details of the abuse suffered by the children in these cases is obviously the result of adult anxiety filtered through the juvenile mind: Little girls insisted, for example, that they had been sexually violated with butchers’ knives, while others told of being buried alive, being flushed down toilets, etc. There was no physical evidence that any of this happened, of course — and even in the happy era before toilet capacity became a federal obsession, flushing an entire child down the commode was a physical impossibility — but that did not seem to matter very much. The nation was convinced — not in its mind, but in its always-unreliable heart — that there were monsters afoot, that somebody, somewhere, was doing terrible things to our teenagers and children. The parents of that paranoid time were, of course, absolutely right: Somebody was doing something terrible to the children.

It was them.

The facts don't matter. Evidence doesn't matter. Only the accusation matters, particularly if it serves the narrative du jour. And so it is with this latest manufactured crisis, the so-called “rape culture” that exists nowhere and that no one can seem to prove, particularly with actual crime statistics. It doesn't help that rape is being so loosely defined on campuses that just about any interaction between male and female students can be defined as rape, particularly if one squints and turns their head to one side.

Somebody is doing something terrible to the children young women on campus. That somebody is they themselves and the SJW's who don't give a damn about real justice. They are leaving a trail of victims in their wake, but it doesn't matter to them because, after all, they're just men and everyone knows they're all rapists, right?

That's not going to play well in Peoria.