A Good Comment

A great comment to this post about the Five Answers Liberals Never Give Us:

You can’t solve problems if you don’t learn anything, and you can’t learn anything if you never admit there’s anything to learn. If there’s a problem and you want to fix it, obviously something will have to be changed, and you can’t change anything with any deliberate intent or achievement, if you don’t identify what that thing is. “There is racial and gender bias” is not a statement that provides any functionality toward these ends. Therefore, proving it is not useful in the achievement of the stated goal.

Indeed. Merely stating the problem doesn't solve the problem. Too often statement of the problem is used as an excuse for causing other problems. You also have to do the follow up, in this case ask why there is such a bias, and then offer a solution.

Notice I didn't say the solution as quite often there is more than one solution to a problem. Some solutions may solve the problem but create even bigger ones in their wake. You have to offer workable solutions that others can agree with and embrace and not solutions that will make you feel better but won't solve the problem at hand. (That's a big problem these days.)