Thoughts On A Sunday

The snow started falling some time late last evening/early this morning, leaving a few inches behind. Not that it will prevent anyone from going anywhere. The temperatures later in the day are expected to be close to 50ºF, assisting with any melting. However the temperatures are expected to plunge into the single digits overnight and be in the lower 20's and upper teens fof the rest of the week.

It's good thing we got the rest of our firewood put away yesterday.


It looks like France has fallen under the sway of the Thatcher Axiom: It ran out of other people's money.

Taxing the heck out of the wealthiest citizens didn't generate much but a small percentage of the revenues Socialist President Francois Hollande had believed and the plan is being abandoned.

Some folks can't be told so they have the learn the lesson the hard way.


The campus kangaroo courts continue, not just addressing 'sexual assault' cases but politically incorrect speech. One would think they would learn the lesson of so many other colleges and universities where they have lost free speech suits in state and federal courts. They still seem to think they are not required to abide by our Constitutional rights and can arbitrarily violate them at whim and besmirch the reputations of students with impunity.

As Glenn Reynolds suggests in cases like this: Get a lawyer.

But until you cost people jobs and reputations — that is, do the kind of damage to them that they’re perfectly happy meting out to others — you won’t bring this to a stop. You won’t see justice in this setting without a healthy measure of fear.



And they wonder why I don't like large wind turbines beside the fact that they act like large bird-slicing machines?

You never hear about conventional power plants (oil, gas, coal, nuclear) having problems like this.


The “Great Hiatus” in global warming has been going on for 18 years and 3 months.

How do the warmists explain it away? Simple: They plug their ears and chant loudly “I'm not listening! I'M NOT LISTENING!!!”, as if that will somehow make it all go away.


Capitalism Is Freedom has the top 10 things scientists used to believe were true. I expect that anthropogenic Global Warming will some day be added to the list.


Sarah Palin dumps on PETA's idiocy and hypocrisy.

All any of this proves is that Palin Derangement Syndrome still infects the Left and has not weakened a bit since 2008.


It seems that every time the economy shows a glimmer of recovery, the Obama Administration throws a monkey wrench into the works, telling us it's for our own good.

It's latest move to torpedo the economy? It will issue a number of new major rules meant to kill off the resurgence in the oil and gas industry.

The rules would, among other things, curtail methane emissions from natural gas and oil, place new restrictions on fracking, impose further limits on Arctic drilling and impose new safety standards on rail tanker cars.

Never mind that the oil and gas industry has to rely on rail to transport petroleum because Obama has blocked the far cleaner and more efficient alternative of moving oil and gas through pipelines.

The oil and gas industry has carried the rest of the economy on its shoulders for the last six years. But with prices falling, drillers are struggling to keep operations running. Thanks to the boom in shale oil and gas, oil prices have dropped by nearly 50% since the summer. New drilling permits are falling and some marginal wells are already shutting down.

Could there be a worse time for new EPA regulations to raise the cost of producing our domestic energy? Obviously, the answer is no, but this isn't collateral damage; it's the very point of the regulatory onslaught.

OPEC and Vladimir Putin will just love the EPA's sabotage of our economy.

Frankly I think the EPA should change its name from the Environmental Protection Agency to the Economic Prevention Agency. After all most of its rules over the past six years or so have been aimed at killing off any economic recovery, exceeding its charter, ignoring science as well as court orders issued against it.


If we need any more evidence that the government doesn't really care a fig what the American people want, all we have to do is look at something as simple as automobiles. The government mandated smaller more efficient (and more dangerous) cars. The people wanted SUVs and the carmakers gave them SUVs.

As usual, technology is leading the way, not politics. That certainly explains why operations like Uber are very popular with the people, but the government is suffering from apoplexy because they didn't ask for official permission to exist.


David Starr provides some much needed advice for the incoming Republicans in Congress.


And that's the news from Lake Winnipesaukee, where the last of the firewood is stacked, the snow has been plowed, and where we're preparing for the arctic blast heading our way.