Showing Their True Colors

Witnessing the meltdown by the Left over American Sniper merely illustrates to anyone paying attention (and not infected with the Leftist 'virus') just how disconnected they are from the realities of life outside their cloistered and imaginary world.

The one thing the Left seems incapable of understanding is that the only reason they have the freedom to be the pathetic delusional idiots they are is because of the very people like Chris Kyle they vilify.

They see their fellow Americans as barbarians and the radical Islamists as kindred souls.

They revere people who would be more likely to enslave, rape, and kill them in the same horrific manner as Al Qaeda did to Nick Berg or ISIS did to Daniel Foley rather than embrace them as their brethren. (A little hint to our resident Leftists: The Islamists see you as corrupt infidels with no morals, no faith, and with little, if any value other than as an object lesson to other corrupt and amoral infidels. They won't care if you're a supporter of the LGBT community because they will kill all the members of the LGBT community due to the perversion of their practices in the eyes of Allah. They will silence you because the one thing they do not believe in is freedom of speech. You will submit or die.)

I think one of my biggest gripes is that so many of the Left condemning American Sniper have neither seen the movie or read the book. But somehow they feel qualified to comment upon it. They are depending upon the opinions of other Leftists who also have not seen the movie or read the book. It's all one big kneejerk reaction to something someone else felt. (Remember, with the Left it's always about feelings, not facts.)

What a bunch of maroons.....