A Bad Day

It wasn't a great day today.

Nothing went wrong at home, always a blessing.

But I had to do something I never thought I would have to do at one of the organizations with which I am involved.

I had to fire a friend.

While I understood the necessity, at least academically, I felt like I was the poor sod heading up the steps of the gallows to a certain doom.

It's never easy to be the cause of a major disruption in someone's life, particularly if it hits them out of the blue with no warning. But sometimes it must be done. I now understand the adage about being a boss that my dad told me years ago: Be friendly but don't be a friend to the employees. (I don't agree with that, but I certainly appreciate the logic behind it.) It certainly makes it harder when it becomes necessary to take an action like firing a friend. I can understand why some businesses will hire a so-called hatchet man to do the deed – it's easier for the boss, but the employee still has their life turned upside down in an instant.

Sometimes it sucks being the guy in charge.