Thoughts On A Sunday

As I mentioned in last week's edition of Thoughts On A Sunday, traffic had been a little crazier than usual. Unfortunately that craziness has been with this this weekend as well.

Both Deb and I witnessed acts of vehicular insanity that topped anything we saw last weekend including someone who thought it was a perfectly good idea to make a three point turn in the middle of a very heavily traveled road. This jerk – an out of stater – couldn't be bothered with pulling into the next side street in order to affect their reversal in direction. I have to guess their need to get turned around outweighed the safety of everyone else.

Then there was the young woman who made a right hand turn from the left turn lane. I guess her time was more important than safety (and sanity) of everyone else. Some folks just don't get it.

I expect the traffic will be even crazier next weekend as the Timberman Triathlon will be taking place.


Civil forfeiture laws have become nothing more than a legal form of theft by the state. When towns, counties, and states use the law to steal property from law abiding citizens, then the law must go. The government entities see it as a cheap means of filling their coffers with little risk of actually having to show that the targets of their thievery are guilty of anything more than having law enforcement see something they want and taking it from them.

People should be going to jail, and not the folks that have been the target of these looters.


You tax dollars at work.

The federal government has been giving money to help build broadband infrastructure where it already exists. One would think that money would be better spent to bring broadband to places that have no access to broadband.

I've seen this played out here in my home state of New Hampshire when broadband stimulus funds were granted to towns in the northern tier that already had broadband while denying them to towns that had none. After all isn't that what those stimulus funds were supposed to be used for?


You have to give them some credit for trying to explain away why their theories don't match reality, in this case by stating that the Little Ice Age was caused by the decline in the human population brought on by the Black Plague.

Too bad this new theory doesn't match the facts.

The Black Plague was brought on by a series of weather maladies triggered by the onset of the Little Ice Age which left the population malnourished as well as crowded into hamlets, villages, and cities. This in turn gave the plague infested rats and fleas an easier time spreading the plague.

It seems the Warmists have yet again reversed cause and effect in an effort to prove their religion is the 'correct' one.


Speaking of the Little Ice Age, it appears yet “another major European media outlet is asking Where's the global warming?

Instead, Denmark's Jyllands-Posten is warning about the possible onset of another Little Ice Age.

So now even the once very green Danish media is now spreading the seeds of doubt. So quickly can “settled science” become controversial and hotly disputed. The climate debate is far from over. And when it does end, it looks increasingly as if it’ll end in favor of the skeptics.

The JP writes that “many will be startled” by the news that a little ice age is a real possibility. Indeed, western citizens have been conditioned to think that nothing except warming is possible. Few have prepared for any other possibility.

As Glenn Reynolds keeps reminding us, it may be a Fallen Angels scenario indeed.


Mike over at Cold Fury reminds us that Sarah Palin was right about the “death panels”, even though Democrats who now find ObamaCare indefensible because it does contain those death panels have conveniently chosen to forget that little tidbit. After all they can't possibly admit that the public university educated former governor of Alaska was right. Their heads would explode if they even thought it.


And the ObamaCare hits keep on coming.

The next victims being targeted by ObamaCare? Charitable hospitals.

How is it that hospitals whose sole purpose is to treat patients incapable of paying for their care should need to undergo even more scrutiny than they already receive. The answer is simple: The government doesn't want any competition, particularly competition that is more competent and more efficient than ObamaCare can ever hope to be.


Tom Bowler reminds us the more things change, the more they stay the same.

The brilliant Barack is running things now, and he has been for the past five years. So things are so much better now, right? Well, not so much. In fact they're much worse, but how can that be?

Barack Obama was supposed fix the economy, end all wars, and spread Social Justice throughout the world. He was going to slow the oceans' rise, too, and that may help to explain why things aren't going as well as they ought to be.

I think it has gotten to the point where even Democrats look back upon the Bush years with nostalgia as things were so much better then.


And that's the news from Lake Winnipesaukee, where the weather has been gorgeous, the traffic has been atrocious, and where preparations are being made for the annual Timberman Triathlon.