Preventable Measles Outbreak In Texas

I hope Jenny McCarthy is feeling good about her stand on vaccinations, because it appears that a number of people who believe as she does are now paying the price.

An outbreak of measles in Texas illustrates the dangers of not being vaccinated, particularly when the unvaccinated are in close proximity to one another.

What happens if the next outbreak is something like polio? Will we see people being hooked up to breathing apparatus and put into wheelchairs because the polio virus has ravaged their nervous systems?

The long-disproven vaccine/autism link is still being used as an excuse to forgo vaccinations against diseases conquered decades ago. Now we're seeing the price as those diseases are making a comeback and are crippling or killing again. Whooping cough, measles, rubella, polio, diphtheria, and mumps have been on the rise, and not just among children but adults as well.

How many more will suffer because of the willful ignorance about the efficacy of vaccines? While there are risks involved with any medical treatment, they are outweighed by the risks of catching one of these otherwise preventable diseases.