Signs Of An Early Winter?

Scary Yankee Chick tells us that she's seeing signs of an early winter in some of the wildlife around her home as well as her dog, Apollo. Between bucks with larger than normal racks for this time of year and her dog's undercoat growing back in earlier than usual, the signs are there.

As I mentioned in a comment to her post, I'm seeing the same thing with the feline contingent here at The Manse. One cat, Tom, was at the vet's the other day for a check up and the doctor mentioned he had a rather thick undercoat. This was despite the regular brushing receives. She then said something that stuck with me – she's been seeing the same thing in a number of other cats as well as some of the dogs, too.

Are we headed to an early and harsh winter? As I commented to Ruth's post, “Does someone want to tell me about Global Hotcoldwetdry again?”