Tea Party Protests The IRS Across The Nation

Today's protests outside IRS offices across the nation showed our anger at the misuse of government resources used to silence the President's political opponents.

Reading a number of comments in a related WSJ opinion piece, some on the Left were gleeful that the turnout wasn't anywhere near what they thought it would be...until others reminded them that many of the Tea Party members actually had jobs, something that prevented them from being able to join the protests. Mention was made of Occupy Wall Street and how their numbers had been larger in its day, but again others reminded them of the fact that a lot of the OWS crowd were not employed, were college students being supported by their parents, or people collecting welfare benefits. They could spend as much time as they wanted protesting whatever it was they were protesting. But the folks actually paying their taxes and supporting a large number of the OWS 'useful idiots' had to spend their time earning a living.

Of course I expect a heck of a lot of spin from the media on this (I can almost hear the whirring sound now), but not as much as might have happened in the past.